Why Panama

Cataloged by CNN in August 2015: “It is the exemplary economy of the region, with growth of 6% despite the deceleration”; Located in the Western Hemisphere, including 7º12’07 “and 9º38’46” North Latitude and 77º09’24 “and 83º03’07” West Longitude. It has an area of ​​75,517 square kilometers, with more than 1,000 miles of coastline and 1,000 islands in the Pacific and 800 miles of coastline and 600 islands in the Caribbean

  • It has a privileged geographical position, between the two Americas and next to the Caribbean. 5% of world trade travels through the Panama Canal.
  • Our legal currency is the American dollar.
  • A system of ports and logistics experience, the world’s second largest free zone, a service economy and an international airport considered the Hub of the Americas offers convenient flight schedules designed for fast connections and uninterrupted service from end to other; also it has two other international airports with track size nationwide.
  • Has the highest registration of vessels in the world, services account for the largest foreign exchange earnings. The most exported products are bananas, sugar, coffee and shrimp.
  • Around 66 banks have presence among them are: Bank of Nova Scotia, Helm Bank, Bank of China, Citi bank, overseas Austrobank, Bank Credir Andorra, Capital Bank, St Georges Bank, Banistmo (Bancolombia), Creditcorp Bank, Bank General; Global Bank, Multibank, BAC …
  • Headquarters of corporations such as Dell Computer, General Electric, Maersk Line Ltd (shipping), Proctor & Gamble (consumer goods), LG (electronics), Caterpillar (construction equipment), CEMEX (building materials), Nike (teams and sportswear), Heineken (beer), Merck, Pfizer, Nestle, Alstom; to name a few. Hotel chains as Marriott’s, RIU, Hard Rock, Waldorf Astoria, Hilton; International organizations such as The United Nations, OAS, UNICEF, PAHO / WHO, FAO, among others.
  • We have a population of a little less than 3 million inhabitants according to the 2010 census.
  • It has a complete electrification network covering the whole country, a sophisticated telecommunications system that includes, among other cellular telephone, telex and cable TV.
  • According to the Department of Economic and Social Analysis of the Ministry of Finance estimated that the economy grew between the first and second quarter of 2015, at 5.7%.
  • According to the latest report Galup index Welfare-Health; Panama has levels of welfare purposes in 60.5% and 52.2% in physical.

Panama offers a variety of residential options and attractive tax incentives for retirees, tourism, real estate and our tax law offers a number of comparative advantages for foreign investors, coupled with other labor, geographical and financial nature.